P2P Message - 8/23/18
P2P Message - 8/23/18


August 23, 2018
P2P Reps,
I’d like to welcome Captain Dave Chase as our new MEC Vice Chair. This new officer cadre has hit the ground running. They are working on a new communication strategy that P2P will be a part of. I would like to have our next P2P conference call after they finalize the details of their plan.
Until then, as you fly the line, please emphasize the following items to your crewmembers:
  1. Call to Action to protect having two pilots in the cockpit always
    • Link is on http://www.fdx.alpa.org home page
    • Only takes 30 seconds to help save your career
    • Consider time in AOC as an opportunity to assist pilots in logging in
  2. Emphasize Chairman Cardaci’s Quality of Life initiative
    • PSIT doing a 10-year analysis of our bidpacks
    • Ask your crewmembers “What are 3 things that ALPA can do for you?”
    • Report back to anita.shew@alpa.org
  3. Fatigue:
    • Do not fly fatigued
    • If you are tired, file a fatigue report.
    • You do not have to call-in fatigued to file a fatigue report.
    • Copy that report and send it to stacey.stewart@alpa.org
    • We need data!
  4. SLG issues
    • Secondary lines are the most junior lines in ALL bidpacks 
    • If you don’t get what you want/should have got, file an Insite report
    • The company needs the data – “No data = No problem”
  5. Contract Answer Team (CAT) is to begin a 9 day beta test August 23rd
    • Ability to have contract questions answered 24 hours a day by a pilot
    • 54 fully trained members with 10 more finishing training
    • Don’t need to be a contract expert to be in CAT, just contract savvy
    • To volunteer for CAT: http://fdx.alpa.org/tabid/10735/Default.aspx
  6. Continue to send in your P2P questions
Thanks for your continued efforts. Please feel free to contact me at any time.
Anita Shew
P2P Interim Chair