Council 100 Message - 9/21/18
Council 100 Message - 9/21/18


A very late congratulations to Captain Jeff Belt who was elected Vice-Chairman for LEC 100/LAX. This was an interim fill that will last through February 2020. Thanks to Captain Mark Wynn for stepping up and running as well. Almost half of our block participated in the vote – nothing to brag about but trending positively.  
Insurance open enrollment is nearing and it’s that time of year for the R&I Seminars. We will have one this year on Sunday, Oct 21st at Embassy Suites North LAX, 9801 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles. The full day seminar will start at 9:30am. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. As always, spouses are invited to attend. Take advantage of these highly lauded seminars that your dues money provides. If you can’t make this one, there are several others in Memphis and the outlying bases – see Positive Rate for details. We will also hold a Local Council meeting during lunch.  
This settlement was communicated in a recent Positive Rate. The Company unilaterally changed the historical way it had been paying out vacation upon retirement to crewmembers in MEM, CGN, HKG and IND crew bases. This change did not affect LAX or ANC crewmembers as respective state law has always required all pay to be in the year earned. However, this was still absolutely a grab by the Company in arbitrarily changing, without warning, past practices of payouts to the detriment of our crew force. There was no legal requirement for the Company to change the payment dates and they elected to do this to serve their own interest. The agreed upon settlement provides some relief for those that retired in 2016, 2017 and will retire in 2018.  
We continue to see regular errors from CRS, pay and deviation banks. Although many errors appear to be isolated and honest mistakes, it is incumbent upon the crewmember to check closely the legality of your schedules, pay and deadhead banks. If in doubt, you are encouraged to contact ALPA Contract Enforcement (, 901-752-9749). You can always contact me as well for assistance.
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