Joint Message from Negotiating and Grievance Committees - 12/10/17
Joint Message from Negotiating and Grievance Committees - 12/10/17


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Joint Message from Negotiating and Grievance Committees

In a Special Meeting held on December 5, 2017, the MEC approved a settlement proposal with FedEx management (click here to view full settlement agreement language). We believe that this agreement should beneficially impact our longstanding concern about the impact that certain hotel standbys have on the ability to make bid line adjustments.

Approximately two years ago there was a voluntary effort from a small group of our pilots to track the company’s use of Base Hotel Standbys(BHS). Specifically, those pilots tracked BHS that were being placed into open time just prior to open time release. These were tracked in most seats across the fleet and it was detailed enough to view the number of BHS placed into open time, as well as those actually assigned/picked-up and flight assignments from those standbys. The information gathered by those volunteers bolstered the view that the usage of hotel standbys by management was not sufficiently tailored to management’s actual need.

With that information at hand, a two-pronged effort was made to address the issue; a case was started with Contract Enforcement as a precursor to a Grievance, and an approach was made to management for a collaborative discussion. The attached agreement is the result of the latter.

Prior to this agreement, there was no limitation on the placement of BHS into Open Time. There was no requirement that BHS placed into Open Time remain there through the Open Time assignment process (25.G.). There was no transparency to management’s use of BHS (excluding the extraordinary effort of the aforementioned volunteers). Finally, there was unnecessary restriction on the granting of AVA requests particularly during “Peak.” The agreement addresses these issues in a positive fashion.

The agreement provides the following:

1) BHS associated with reserve shortfalls can be placed into open time only for:

A) Between Thanksgiving and December 31, or
B) Management is voluntarily buying back vacation in the specific crew position
C) Management is involuntarily buying back vacation in the specific crew position

2) AVA approvals are guaranteed for ALL trips and BHS between Thanksgiving and Dec 31. (Reserve Forecast Model has no impact)

3) AVA approvals are guaranteed for ALL BHS throughout the year (Reserve Forecast Model has no impact).

4) The Company agrees to follow the Open Time Assignment process (Section 25.G.3.) prior to canceling any unfilled BHS covered by this agreement. After AVA, the company will fill BHS IAW the Open Time Assignment process outlined in the CBA but will not assign them to any Reserve Pilot, except R-24. A pilot may be assigned BHS via Volunteer, but CRS is not required to offer BHS as a Draft assignment.

5) The Monthly Bid Period Report that management sends to us will include a list of all BHS created to address reserve shortfall. After the Secondary Line upgrade is complete in each crew position (estimated to be FEB/MAR), the Bid Period Report list will also include the reasoning and methodology for each BHS due to reserve shortfall in each crew position.

We believe that this agreement will have a significantly positive impact for the pilots. In the event that it does not, however, the agreement contains a duration clause which permits cancellation by either side starting in early 2019.

Many people worked on what was a frustrating and complicated issue, but we feel compelled to give specific thanks to First Officer Dustin Seessel and Captain Paul Jones who volunteered many hours of their time and remained patient and helpful as we worked toward this agreement.

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