Council 100 Message - 10/11/18
Council 100 Message - 10/11/18


Below are a couple of items of note for our council.
We continue to get reports of CRS making mistakes with assignments. These mistakes almost always end up negatively affecting the pilot. If you have a concern with an assignment, you can ask to talk to the scheduling manager, the duty officer, your Fleet Captain or a flight manager on duty. If you have more time, you can contact ALPA Contract Enforcement or your ALPA rep for help. If the issue is not resolved before showtime, you should perform the assigned duty and have the problem addressed after your assignment is over. As always, having a firm understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement will help you in these situations. Also, as a reminder, please fill out an InSite report and send a copy to us at
Retirement and Benefits Seminar/LEC Meeting
On Sunday, Oct 21st at 0930 there will be a Retirement and Benefits Seminar at the LAX Embassy Suites North (9801 Airport Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045). A light breakfast and full lunch will be served. As always, spouses are invited. The Retirement portion will be in the morning, LEC meeting at lunch and Benefits portion in the afternoon. Parking validation will be provided. Please RSVP here.
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