Council 100 Message - 10/27/18
Council 100 Message - 10/27/18


LEC 100 Update
I just returned from our quarterly MEC meeting and biennial ALPA Board of Directors meeting in Washington, D.C. Three big takeaways from the meeting—first, your MEC approved negotiating openers for the Stabilized Variable Benefit Plan. The proposed plan will provide durable improvements for the crew force and ensures no one gets less than what they would have under the current defined benefit plan. Second, the BOD approved a dues reduction down to 1.85% (currently at 1.90%) to begin in January 2020. Finally, the week ended with the election of FedEx Captain Joe DePete to be ALPA President. This is the first time in ALPA’s 87-year history when a FedEx pilot has been elected president.  
Insurance Annual Open Enrollment
Annual enrollment for FedEx insurance is 18Oct.–1Nov. As mentioned in the recent R&I email update, monthly insurance premiums will actually decrease for 2019. A few highlights:  
  • This will be our second year of CIGNA dental—up to four cleanings per year and two checkups (you can add two additional cleanings without checkups for free).
  • The FedEx MEC Supplemental LTD Insurance had marked decreases for most members depending on your age. Important to note that for new enrollees who sign up between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 of this year, you can enroll without any additional evidence of insurability—your recent FAA physical will suffice. If you are considering adding this insurance, it is highly recommended that you sign up during this time.
  • For those of you doing the CDHP plans (Orange and Purple), it’s worth considering the ALPA Critical Illness and Accident Insurance policies (provided by Voya). The wellness benefit alone can greatly reduce your premiums to make this low -insurance addition a no-brainer. I personally have benefitted twice from these policies in the last two years. See the R&I email for more details or sign up here.  
Fatiguing Pairings
We fly some of the toughest trips in the industry, yet we have the least amount of fatigue calls. In addition, CRS is getting more and more creative with scheduling and the end result can be some fatiguing trips. In order to effect change at the bid pack level, the SIG really needs hard data. Remember you don’t have to call in fatigued to initiate a fatigue report. Please send a copy of your fatigue report to    
ALPA Political Action Committee
The ALPA-PAC is our voice in Washington, D.C. and is 100% funded by voluntary donations. PAC contributions give our lobbyists access. Access is the key to effecting any governmental change, and our careers are directly affected by it. We had a number of challenges recently, and stopping bad legislation from being enacted is often more important than initiating new legislation. The recent five-year FAA reauthorization bill was a huge success for ALPA, where we were able to directly frame the issues—including removal of the single-piloted cargo study (Section 744), mandate for FAA to modify FARs to change mandatory pilot oxygen use from FL250 to FL410, and improvements to hazardous material and lithium battery safety. These issues don’t happen in a vacuum—it takes a robust Government Affairs program within ALPA, strong responses to Calls to Action by all of our members, and a strong PAC funded by you!   LEC 100 received an award at the Board of Directors meeting for its 35% participation level—highest within FedEx—but I know we can do better. I consider a monthly donation part of my career protection. Consider signing up for this highly effective program here.  
ALPA Mobile App
ALPA recently revamped their mobile app and it’s worth downloading. It provides a host of easy to access info including jumpseat information, KCM locations, and MEC/LEC contact info. Download here.  
As you know, we have an ongoing Quality of Life initiative that requires our participation to be effective. Please continue to send copies of Company INSITE reports to the union at and copies of fatigue reports to the union at The Company does not provide us with copies. Sign up for FedEx ALPA TEXTCASTER here to get important reminders. 
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