Council 100 Message - 12/7/18
Council 100 Message - 12/7/18


Australian Deadheads - IMPORTANT
The Company has recently updated the Australian Entry Procedures on PFC under Flight Planning. Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is required for all commercial deadheads to Australia before you can check in for the flight. This is a change from previous procedures. The link to apply for one is available on PFC and here. Pilots have been able to get at ETA in quick fashion and claim the charge as a business expense.
Section 4.D of the CBA says “if a pilot has both trips and R-days in the same bid period, Credit Hours earned prior to an R-day shall apply toward leveling.” Example: You have a carry-in trip on a secondary line with both trips and R-days. The CH earned prior to your R-days should apply toward leveling. We have seen some Company programming errors where leveling is not being appropriately applied. In some cases the pilot has seen the leveling upon block-in of the carryover trip. If you have a Mini-RLG, pay attention to your leveling and if there is an error, please issue an INSITE, contact Contract Enforcement, and send me the details.
LAX Sleep Room Improvements
Good news for our base. Soon, the old CMI room will get recliners and the current sleep room will be outfitted with six beds with partitioning between. Be sure to INSITE any recommendations.
Pilots for Kids
See the recent comm about Pilots for Kids managed by First Officer John G. Tymczyszyn.
Don’t forget to use your uniform allowance. Happy Holidays,
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