Council 22 Message - 12/10/18
Council 22 Message - 12/10/18


Members of Council 22,
Happy Hanukkah to those among us who celebrate this Holy time.
MEC Officer Elections
Officer elections will take place on the 8th of January 2019. All interested members in good standing should send a resumé and/or position letter to Captain Don Ray at
Alcohol Testing
Alcohol testing is on the rise—before, during and after flight sequences. Remember, once you sign the release, your crew has the intent to go fly. Europe’s new rules do not allow for refusal of the test.
Upcoming Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA)
The Company is preparing for an upcoming LOSA this winter. Details regarding application to become a LOSA observer will soon be provided by the Joint (ALPA and Company) LOSA Steering Committee. Please see the most recent comm from the Safety Committee. 
Fatigue Reports
Fatigue reports are interesting. Did you know that you do not have to call in fatigued to write a fatigue report? Please, if you had a sequence that after the fact you felt was fatiguing or you called in fatigued, write it up and send a copy to
MEC Twitter
Tired of hearing rumors on the crew bus? Did you know your MEC has a Twitter page? I didn’t until last month. Here is the link to the page:
Captain Bob Avery
Who among us is not thankful of Captain Bob Avery’s volunteer work? Who is Bob, you ask? Bob is the Environmental Standards Committee (ESC) Chairman and he is getting ready to retire. Bob’s work has been critical to many of the cockpit environmental improvements we are benefiting from as a group, and if you are interested in filling those very clean and sanitized shoes, please send an email to Captain Don Ray at
One last shout out from the 11/27/18 FastRead:
As part of the 2015 CBA, you have the opportunity to enroll in one of the CDHPs with an HSA. At inception, the HSA fees were not fully transparent because these fees were bundled with investment fees. Since 2017 many HSA vendors, including HealthEquity, have changed their practices and now separately disclose the administrative fees and investment fees related to an HSA account. The R&I Committee, staff, and attorneys engaged the Company concerning whether those fees should be borne by the Company or pilot investors. The Company recently agreed to assume responsibility for those fees beginning 01-01-2019. Since these fees are charged as a percentage of assets, this outcome will increase in value as balances accumulate over time. Thanks to the R&I Committee for their solid work on this issue.

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