Council 14 Message - 12/13/18
Council 14 Message - 12/13/18


To the members of LEC 14
Slightly over four years ago, the HKG pilots put their faith in my leadership representing your interests in Memphis.  I am proud of of how I represented you collectively but even more proud of what I was able to accomplish for you individually.  
Countless people have been sending me thanks as I am finishing my last month as your LEC Chairman.  I appreciate your kind words - truly.  And I'll try to keep this next part short.
A union starts with individuals - hence the term "union."   It takes the effort of everyone to make the system work.  The best way to thank our many volunteers is to be a productive member.  Please do not simply sit on the sidelines - you are wasting your dues money if you are.  Make yourself heard!  Wear a ALPA lanyard!  Encourage debate.  Participate in the process.  Not everyone chooses to volunteer their time for a leadership or committee position - which is fine.  But the best thanks to ALL our volunteers is the individual participation we need from our constituents.
The high turnout is this recent election was fantastic - thank you for taking the time to vote!  Continue to ask questions and become experts in variable retirement plan design.  Learn more about fatigue science and your individual warning signs.  Put into your crosscheck your Captain's or First Officer's fatigue signs.  Report safety issues as you see them - it takes individual effort but I cannot stress the importance of data to our union volunteers.  Work individually to create a safer work environment and a stronger, more effective, union.   This is with what I charge you as we move forward into 2019.   
I am handing over the reins to Capt DJ Shaw on January 1st.  We will work together to make sure that current issues continue to be addressed and future issues are solved with one eye looking backwards into the past.
With great regards!
Andrew Coward
LEC 14 Chairman
HKG 767 Capt

Capt Shaw wanted to add some words as we begin the transition.
Fellow HKG pilots,
I am honored to have been elected as LEC 14 Chairman. I want to thank you for your participation. It was an unusually high turn out, and It speaks volumes of our group that so many took the time to cast their vote. Please continue to stay informed and involved -- it matters!
I also want to thank Bill McReynolds for stepping up. His outstanding qualifications, many years of service and dedication to ALPA and its members made it a very competitive race; ultimately leading to an extremely close result. I am cognizant of the fact that I will now be representing many of you who voted for Bill. I believe we have more in common than that which divides us, and I very much look forward to working closely with Bill to ensure that his excellent ideas, inputs and vision are integrated into our strategy going forward. At the end of the day we are all on the same team, and our strength lies in our unity. I pledge to represent each and every one of you.
I would like to offer special thanks to Andrew Coward for his dedication and tireless work as LEC 14 Chairman, and especially to his family for the many sacrifices they made supporting him in this role. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I look forward to closely working with him and our highly credentialed LEC 14 officers Mike Hourin and Hayden Madison to ensure both a smooth transition, and continuity in our strategy and objectives.
We are fortunate to possess in this base an incredible level of talent, expertise and knowledge, including former volunteers at all levels of our Union including ALPA National. I trust I can count on their continued input and participation. I ask you all to remember that this is a team effort. If we stick together and work together constructively, we will succeed beyond our expectations. Unity is the key to achieving this. I have been lucky enough to be selected as your representative and I am here to work for you. My door is open any time and I welcome your inputs, questions and opinions. I will continue the fight for contract enforcement, quality of life improvements and for our collective best interests. Thank you, and I wish you all a very happy holiday season.
In Unity,
DJ Shaw