Message from the Chairman (FedEx Earnings) - 12/20/18
Message from the Chairman (FedEx Earnings) - 12/20/18



As you know, FedEx reported its second quarter earnings earlier this week. By now, I am sure that many of you have either listened to or read the report. While it is nice to see that once again, we are in the midst of another record-setting holiday season, we also learned that international business has weakened, especially in Europe. The TNT integration was not as successful as originally forecast and was further hampered by the 2017 TNT cyberattack. The company stated that they are taking action to mitigate the impact of this trend through new cost-reduction initiatives.

While we applaud the company for taking action to mitigate the impact to our corporation, we must also guard against their cost-cutting initiatives that may negatively impact our quality of life. Please be sure to submit an INSITE report to the company and copy the union at  should you experience any situation that negatively impacts your quality of life while on duty. If your issue pertains to a contractual right, please contact Contract Enforcement at