Vice Chairman's Message - 12/28/18
Vice Chairman's Message - 12/28/18


December 28, 2018
Happy New Year! Who doesn’t like to reflect on the past year while thinking ahead to the possibilities of the new one? With 2018 almost in our rearview mirror and 2019 days away, I am excited to see how this pilot group meets the challenges in front of us. This New Year’s Day marks the beginning of bargaining preparation for Contract 2021. Hopefully before the ball drops, I can add one item to your New Year’s Resolutions. 
We all know that the corporation has no interest in our collective success at the bargaining table. They want a pilot group that is unprepared, unfocused, and disinterested. That is not the character of this pilot group, and I know that will not be the outcome. Now is the time to stop identifying yourself by how you view the present CBA and begin identifying yourself with how you will ensure Contract 2021 is the contract we all deserve.  
Every single member has been involved in some way in 2018. Imagine if each of us contributed at least a small bit more in 2019. Does anyone doubt that higher levels of participation would increase our accomplishments and possibilities for future success? I am asking that each of you increase your involvement in some way next year, and I would like to offer some suggestions.
  • Log in to the FDX ALPA website and maintain your log in information.
  • Read the Positive Rate each week.
  • Sign up for Textcaster.
  • Wear an ALPA pin and lanyard every trip.
  • Know your block, council, and representative.
  • Vote.
  • Attend a council meeting.
  • Communicate with your block rep.
  • Become a mentor.
  • Volunteer for a committee. 
  • Run for a position on the MEC.
How far down the list were you able to say you have participated? Are you willing to do more? Accomplishments rarely occur by accident, and more often than not require planning and effort. That effort is undertaken by staff and volunteers directed by the MEC on behalf of you - the membership. We all have a role in Contract 2021, and the more we each do the better the outcome.
As the MEC Vice Chairman, my job is to coordinate the activities of the MEC committees. Every day, I see their amazing levels of volunteerism and commitment, and I am grateful to each of them. If your New Year’s Resolution is to join a committee or get involved, please contact me and I will find a position for you.
In Unity,
Captain David Chase
FDX MEC Vice Chairman