Council 100 Message - 1/17/19
Council 100 Message - 1/17/19


LEC 100 Update Jan2019
Happy New Year. I just returned from the MEC first quarter meeting where Captain Pete Harmon was elected Chairman, Captain Dave Chase Vice-Chairman and First Officer Don Loepke Secretary-Treasurer. Please congratulate them and extend your thanks to former officers Captain John Cardaci and Captain Don Ray for their many years of service. The term for the new officers will begin on April 1, 2019 and run through March 31, 2021. 
FedEx has hired over 1200 pilots in the past three years. By the end of this year, over 1/3 of our crew force will have been hired in the past four years. Meanwhile, the LAX domicile continues to shrink. In 2012, we had just under 200 pilots and today we are down to 110.
Legal Troubles
Recently, the FAA crosschecked several pilots FAA Form 8500-8 (medical certificate) with their military veteran’s records and there have been criminal prosecutions. If you are currently receiving any disability benefits from the VA, you should be recording that on your Form 8500-8. If you haven’t, please contact one of the FDX ALPA Attorneys (901-752-8749) for guidance and discuss your issue with Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS) .
ONT Ground Transportation
The old direct billing account no longer works. If you have needs for ground transportation in Ontario, you should contact John Underwood ahead of time to find out the current procedures. 
California State Disability Insurance
All LAX based pilots are required to pay into the state’s disability insurance program. This item shows up on your pay stub as CA OASDI/EE. This appears to be an under-utilized benefit by our pilots – it is tax free and typically results in a weekly payment of over $1000 and can last for up to 52 weeks or longer in some instances. We all pay into it, so we should be utilizing it whenever eligible. Out of work for that shoulder surgery? Sprained an ankle causing you to call in sick for a long trip? If out over 7 days, you are generally entitled to CA SDI. 
  • Disability incurred on personal time under this program is an illness or injury, either physical or mental, which prevents you from performing your regular and customary work.
  • Disability also includes elective surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, or other related medical conditions.
  • You must be out of work at least 7 days and must apply between day 9 and 49 of incurring the disability.
  • This benefit is greatest while still utilizing your RSA/DSA banks. You can essentially reduce the amount of RSA/DSA usage and supplement the reduced hours with this benefit.
  • When you transition to LTD, much of the benefit is captured by the LTD insurer but the tax-free benefit will remain with you.
  • You need not be a California resident to use this benefit – you are paying into it, so you qualify. California residents not domiciled in LAX do not pay into it and do not qualify. However, applying out of state often takes longer and cannot be done online. 
  • If you intend to utilize CA SDI, it’s recommended you contact John Underwood when applying and be sure to use the local FEDEX LAX address (not Memphis) on your application.
  • To find out more or apply online, go to:
Accepted Fares/International Tickets
I’m as frustrated as many of you are with the often “mysterious” differences between established fares and actual ticket prices – especially when days or even hours apart. Equally disturbing is getting waitlisted for a business class seat because of the long delay in the Company purchasing the ticket. A grievance was recently filed about the CBA requirement to purchase deadhead tickets entitled to a higher class of service prior to tickets requiring a lower class of service (8.A.5.b) – essentially, the requirement to book business class tickets before purchasing economy class. You can read the grievance here.
Q. Does California state law allow LAX domiciled pilots to use sick leave to care for a family member? 
A. Yes, under California Labor Code section 233, LAX based pilots can use up to 1/2 of their annual sick leave to attend to the illness of a parent, spouse, child or domestic partner. Under the labor code, illness is broadly defined and different than Family and Medical Leave, which is limited to serious illnesses. If you intend to use sick hours towards caring for a family member make sure you keep an accurate log so as not to exceed 1/2 of your annual sick leave. See CA State FAQs on this subject.
Q. My recurrent training was cancelled in Anchorage, am I pay protected?
A. No. However, there are often available spots in Memphis and if you contact Crew Training you may be able to move into one of those.
Q. I have one day of reserve left, can CRS assign me base standby?
A. Generally no, you must have a minimum of two days to be assigned base standby. This falls into the Company “objective criteria.”   CRS can make exceptions.
Useful Links
ALPA Surviving Family Guide – everyone should have one of these valuable guides completed and handy for their family.
Textcaster – not only a great resource for important reminders, but also a great way for ALPA to get a hold of you in the event of a mass emergency.

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