Council 26 Message - 1/18/19
Council 26 Message - 1/18/19


What follows is an update of current issues. We encourage each of you to read the information and contact us should you have any questions or concerns. 
Our year of continual elections is ALMOST over. Block 3 Rep Capt. Pete Harmon was elected by the MEC on January 8 to become the next MEC Chairman and Block 8 Rep First Officer Don Loepke was elected to become the next MEC Secretary-Treasurer effective 01 April. Capt. Dave Chase ran unopposed, so he will continue in his role as MEC Vice Chairman. With Capt. Harmon taking on his new role, this means one more set of local council elections. Look for an announcement for all of Council 26 (Blocks 3, 6, and 11) to participate in the election of the next Block 3 rep. That announcement should occur in about a week based on availability for a February special council meeting to nominate candidates. 
Most importantly, though, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE extend a handshake and a sentiment of gratitude to Capt. John Cardaci and Capt. Don Ray when you see them in the crew room and on layovers. These men have dedicated thousands of hours of time away from family and friends and have spent marathon days and sleepless nights engaged in making ALPA a better organization for all of us. 
FedEx pilots have on rare occasion been denied access at KCM entry points. What does this mean? It usually means there has been a human factor error by a TSA rep. Your MEC Security Committee has a good relationship with TSA to fix security portal issues quickly. Please contact with specific details to address the issue. Be sure to include time, location, and TSA employee name, if possible, etc.
Simply posting about the issue on social media will NOT help the situation and will not ensure the next pilot in line doesn’t experience the same error and/or denial. The MEC Security Committee is robust and able to address these issues with both the company and regulators as need be, in as timely a manner as possible.
Additionally, please review this FastRead message, which reviews KCM procedures, protocol and restricted items.
The ASAP Hotline number is (901) 224-5203. Put it in your phone contacts. In the event you need it and don’t have your phone, it is also listed inside your ALPA Lanyard (see, it is useful for something more than a hook to hang your ID on!). Using this phone number extends your deadline to file an ASAP report 3 days. 
Additionally, please remember that ASAP is a program designed to address ALL manner of hazards; it’s not just for “enforcement related incentives” when you miss a clearance or bust an altitude. Did a tug drive in front of you on the ramp? Did an overhead door on the MD get left about 6 inches below the fully open position? All ASAP reports are read by humans who address the issue in a meeting with the company, the FAA and ALPA. The level of response can vary from keeping the data for further analysis to intervention by regulators to change policies and procedures. 
Should you file an ASAP? When in doubt, fill it out.
Legal Troubles 
Recently, the FAA crosschecked several pilots FAA Form 8500-8 (medical certificate) with their military veteran's records and there have been criminal prosecutions. If you are currently receiving any disability benefits from the VA, you should be recording that on your Form 8500-8. If you haven't, please contact one of the FDX ALPA attorneys (901-752-8749) for guidance and discuss your issue with Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS). 
Accepted Fares/International Tickets 
There is a disturbing trend in getting waitlisted for a business class seat because of the long delay in the Company purchasing the ticket when you rate a business class seat per the CBA. A grievance was recently filed over the requirement to purchase deadhead tickets entitled to a higher class of service prior to tickets requiring a lower class of service - CBA 8.A.5.b. The requirement is to book business class tickets before coach tickets. You can read the grievance by clicking here  (select Grievance 18-05 from the blue text on the left). You must be logged in to to view the grievance. 
Don’t fail bidding! Be aware of security and safety issues that may affect you…also a great way for ALPA to communicate to you in the event of an emergency. Click here to sign up. 

Pete Harmon Rich Odbert Eric Armstrong
LEC 26 Chairman LEC 26 Vice Chairman LEC 26 Secretary Treasurer