Council 22 Message - 1/31/19
Council 22 Message - 1/31/19


Members of Council 22;
In January, your MEC held its quarterly meeting and conducted the biennial officer elections; elected were Capt. Peter Harmon, chairman, Capt. David Chase, vice chairman, and F/O Don Loepke, secretary-treasurer. The new officers take office on April 1, 2019. Their focus will be on unity, our current retirement efforts, and preparing for Contract 2021. Capt. John Cardaci and Capt. Don Ray will be returning to the line full time. When you see them, please thank them for their years of service and dedication to ALPA and this pilot group.
During MEC week, there was a briefing from the VP of Safety discussing the need for Crosstalk. Crosstalk was developed as a data-sharing program that utilizes ASAP and FOQA data to better define reported/recorded events. Your MEC understands the need to reduce risks; however, at the present time we do not have an MOU to allow this data sharing, therefore the MEC authorized your Negotiating Committee to explore Crosstalk with the Company to see if there is a way to share these data sets while strengthening our members’ protections.
LOSA, another safety data collection initiative, has been put on hold for now. When we know more about it being rescheduled, we will let you know. Rest assured, fatigue and its effects are our number one safety issue.
Your Scheduling Committee is reenergized and reinvigorated. There are new initiatives going forward to improve the safety of our pairings. Stay tuned for more information as this effort progresses.
Finally, your council will be hosting the Joint Council meeting April 10, 2019. We will be putting out announcements well before the April bids close so you can bid around your meeting. For those who are hub turning on that day, we are planning on having transportation available to and from the AOC and the Germantown Center; Lunch will be served. Please plan to attend and please bring a fellow pilot.
In Closing
Ladies and gentlemen, the time for participation is now; wearing a pin or lanyard and reading e-mail is just not enough. If the total number of meetings that you have attended in your career is 0, 1, or 2, you might consider making the effort to improve your union presence and lead by example. Your quality of life, your contract openers, and your career are dependent on your direct, active involvement.

Capt. Clark Kluwe Capt. Brian Hoffman Capt. Ian Thompson
Chairman Vice Chairman Secretary Treasurer