Council 7 Message - 2/4/19
Council 7 Message - 2/4/19


Contract amendable date 1 November 2021
Next Joint LEC Meeting 10 Apr 2019
If you are receiving this email, you are part of Council 7. We are comprised of Memphis-based pilots in Blocks 1, 4 and 8—the most senior, junior and right in the middle.
It is time to look towards Contract 2021. Our current contract has areas that need improvement. Complaining on social media is not going to move us forward. We need solid input to improve our current state. Expect contract openers in May 2021.
Please plan to attend the next Joint Council Meeting. At this meeting, you will have direct input to the process. We will be polling the Membership, but this is a direct line to your elected representatives.
Recent Joint Council Input:
  • DH-Lay Flat seats interpretation. 
  • DH-Discount highest class of service, not the lowest. 
  • R24- no Hotel standby. Allows for the original intent (RSV from home). 
  • Easier to understand Retirement initiative.
  • Fix the Secondary Line process.
If you have an issue that needs correction prior to the next contract, please email the respective committee. This was a specific point made by the Scheduling Committee Chair at the recent Joint Council Meeting. Without data, we don’t have a problem.
Please review your new Fidelity account for proper transfer of funds and check your beneficiary information. 
We encourage all of you to participate in your Union. We are in need of volunteers in many different areas. If you have a negative perception of your Union, we believe that your participation will change that perception.
Capt. Chris Norman Capt. Dave Arrington First Officer Don Loepke
Block 1 Representative Block 4 Representative Block 8 Representative