Council 26 Message - 2/1/19
Council 26 Message - 2/1/19


February 1, 2019
Greetings, Council 26 member:
It's election time again. Wait . . . what? Didn't we just do that about 16 months ago? Yes. Yes, we did. However, Since Capt. Peter Harmon was elected to MEC chairman during the January MEC meeting, there is a special election to fill the two years remaining on his term as Block 3 representative. Council 26 is composed of Blocks 3, 6, and 11, and as a member of those blocks, you participate in the election of each representative in the council.
Special Council Meeting
Agenda: Nominations for Block 3 Representative.
Meeting Time and Location
Tuesday, February 12, at 11:30 a.m. at the Holiday Inn, 2240 Democrat Rd. Memphis
Note: This is deliberately scheduled close to AOC and at a time to allow hub-turning pilots to attend. The meeting should not take more than 30 to 40 minutes.
Here's how it works:
  1. You will receive a nominating ballot in the mail in the next few days. Please don't waste time in completing and returning the ballot. It must be received no later than February 11 at the ALPA office on Kirby Parkway or hand carried to the meeting to be counted.
  2. Write in the name of the pilot you want to represent you as your block rep.
  3. If you won't be home between now and the meeting date, there will be some blank "floor ballots" available to nominate someone in person at the meeting.
  4. Any pilot in Block 3 may be nominated.
  5. The two pilots who receive the most nominations will face each other in the election. You may vote online or by phone. The election voting period will last approximately two weeks; exact dates TBA.
Here is a brief primer on how all this block representation and local council structure is set: 
FDX ALPA Representation Primer
Have you ever been in a group of people and they all knew about something that you were unsure of, but you didn't want to embarrass yourself by asking about it? This is a brief primer to bring you up to speed on a subject that:
  • Most people who know, assume others already know.
  • Most people who don't know assume everyone else already knows.
  • Many have no idea about, but let others assume they do!
Your ALPA representation structure is set up as follows: If you're in Block 7, you're in Council 22. But if you're in Council 7, you could be in Block 1, 4, or 8. To make matters more confusing, the block you are in is based on either your crew base, your seniority, or your status as an instructor. And if you spend your entire career based in Memphis and are not an instructor, your block changes as your seniority changes. It gets wonky pretty fast.
Hopefully, this will shed some light on the mysteries of why you receive so many ballots, campaign e-mails, and are generally left with the feeling that everyone else is already in on the "secret." But please don't be embarrassed if you're not up to speed already. It's not something that's intuitive or obvious—and yes there are people who've been here more than 20 years who still don't have a firm grasp on how it all works.
Per the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws and the guidelines set forth in Section II of the FDX MEC policy manual, the status block representation system is set up this way: At the time of this writing, there are roughly 4,700 pilots on the master seniority list. Pilots based in Memphis are assigned to a block based on their seniority in groups of about 350 to 400 based on a tedious formula accounting for probation, instructor pilots, and pilots based in other domiciles etc.
Currently, there are 14 blocks which make up the Master Executive Council (MEC). Each block has one voting representative sitting on the MEC. These representatives are the ones who vote for your MEC chairman, vice chairman and secretary-treasurer to two-year terms beginning April 1 of odd-numbered years.
Each of the Memphis blocks are grouped together in threes to form a Local Executive Council (LEC). Each LEC has to elect a chairman, vice chairman, and secretary-treasurer similar to the MEC structure, except that you, the constituents of each council vote for the chair, vice, and sec-treas. So, just when you thought you were done voting, you receive another ballot to elect each block rep in their respective council officer seats.
Each of the non-Memphis blocks elects a chair, vice chair, and sec-treas. The chair becomes the "status rep," i.e., the only seated representative at the MEC meetings voting on issues in front of the MEC. The block reps serve three-year terms and are staggered by council so that the entire MEC is never replaced in any one election.
If you're receiving this, you are in either Block 3, 6, or 11 because you are a Council 26 member and this is a Council 26 communication. Here is a list of our current structure at FDX ALPA.
Memphis Based:
Council 7:

Block 1 Seniority # 1–543
Block 4 Seniority # 1672–2232
Block 8 Seniority # 3829–Last 
Council 22:
Block 2 Seniority # 544–1129
Block 5 Seniority # 2233–2774
Block 7 Seniority # 3305–3828 
Council 26:
Block 3 Seniority # 1130–1671
Block 6 Seniority # 2776–3304
Block 11 Seniority approximately 420 (instructors regardless of seniority number)
Memory Aid: Sect 11 of the CBA concerns training, so Block 11 = Instructors
Council 14: Hong Kong (Block 10)
Council 79: Anchorage (Block 9)
Council 100: Los Angeles (Block 12)
Council 123: Cologne (Block 13)
Council 500: Indianapolis (Block 14) ("Indy 500")
Finally, the next joint council meeting is currently scheduled for April 10, at 10:30 a.m. at the Germantown Center. Please plan on attending that meeting and bringing another pilot with whom you're flying and your spouse. This meeting will be filled with good information about many important topics in which your union is engaged.
Pete Harmon, Chairman
FDX Council 26