Council 100 Message - 4/24/19
Council 100 Message - 4/24/19


The quarterly MEC meeting was held earlier this month in Memphis with our newly elected officers: Chairman Captain Pete Harmon, Vice-Chairman Captain Dave Chase and Secretary Treasurer First Officer Don Loepke. You can read the day to day summary published by the communications committee here.   
Sutter Health Insurance Update
Sutter Health is a large health network primarily serving Northern California. An FCIF came out in early January stating that Anthem and Sutter Health had cut ties and that Sutter Health would no longer be considered an “in-network” provider. In March, Anthem and Sutter Health reached an agreement returning Sutter Health to in-network. However, FedEx, being self-insured, opted not to include Sutter Health within their Anthem system. If you utilize Sutter Health, you are encouraged to contact your provider to determine the cost of benefits as Sutter Health will remain an out-of-network provider for FedEx pilots.
Retirement Update
One of the best emails worth reviewing every year by every pilot is the annual updated R&I Pilot Retirement Savings Plan. This contains important IRS information and strategies to maintain your maximum benefits.    
Regarding the Retirement Research project, the Pilot’s Stabilized Pension Plan, we are still waiting for the Company’s response to our initial briefing from October 2018. The guidelines for this plan were laid out in an August message that can be viewed here. The most important section of those guidelines is bullet #3:
“Ensure that no one experiences any reduction in benefits based on what they would have received in the legacy DB Plan.” 
Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS)
If you have a question about a medical issue, consider calling ALPA’s Aviation Medicine Advisory Service (AMAS) at 303-341-4435. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you. AMAS is available at no cost to members in good standing.  
If you are on a trip and call in sick, CBA Section 14.B.4 requires the company to provide you transportation back to your base, or to your residence, provided the cost is limited to the cost of returning to base. Management does not need details of your injury/illness from a physician at that time. As far as the FAA is concerned, you can work with AMAS to determine what, if anything, is required to be done, and they can help, in coordination with the MEC office, in dealing with management.
If you have to use your Disability Sick Account (DSA), you may be requested to provide medical documentation, but please let AMAS work for you first. Involving AMAS early in the process could very well save you a great deal of time getting back to flying. 
Aviation Medicine Advisory Service  
Mentorship Program
ALPA has embarked on a program to provide a mentor for every new hire and is soliciting volunteers to make this program work. Some training is required and can be done in Memphis or online. You can read more about the program here. To volunteer as a mentor, sign up here.

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