Council 123 Message: TAD Pay - 5/12/19
Council 123 Message: TAD Pay - 5/12/19


May 12, 2019
Several months ago, First Officer Alex Unruh noticed that he did not get full pay for his training in Iceland. He was able to get his pay fixed via INSITE and has diligently been making our pilots in CGN aware of this issue. Realizing this is a systemic problem in our domicile, FDX ALPA approached the company. The company has agreed that it is a problem, but it will take time to fix the software. We encourage all of you to go back and check your pay screen. Alex has written a guide (below) to help you determine if you received the pay you are entitled to and what to do if you did not receive full pay. Thank you, Alex!
Verification of TAD Pay
Upon completion of any TAD (aka Training) trip, please check your pay summaries to ensure you were paid the appropriate amount of credit hours for the training footprint. CH paid for can be found in the “Training on Days Off” field of the Pay Summary. Per CBA 4.I.4.a.i “he shall be compensated 4:30 CH for each such day.” To determine how many days you are owed, simply count the number of days on your calendar the TAD footprint touches and multiply the number of days by 4:30. If that number is greater than what you see in your pay summary you were shorted pay. If shorted, the most likely scenario is that you will be 4:30 CH short. Since “Training on Days Off” is the same field where credit for Tri-Annual LMS completion is displayed, be careful to account for that in your math.
If you determine you were shorted pay, submit an INSITE and PDR. For the PDR, select Contract Enforcement. When submitting an INSITE, use the keyword Paylog. Check the box for “Training on Days Off (4.I.4) and include all detail required by the form (i.e. Trip Number, Date, and CH owed). It is also helpful to include a brief description and Pay Summary screenshot. An example could be: “I recently completed a trip to Iceland for recurrent training. This TAD was May 12-18 (a 7 day footprint) which should equate to 31:30 CH in pay. Currently my pay summary is showing 4:30 CH less than it should; please see attached picture. All total, I should have 32:30 CH in the "Training on Days Off" field; 31:30 for the TAD and 1:00 for completing my tri-annual LMS. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you for your time."
Jay Owen Sal Infante Tom Merrill  
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