FDX MEC FastRead: Report from the MEC Officers - 3/27/20
FDX MEC FastRead: Report from the MEC Officers - 3/27/20


March 27, 2020
FedEx pilots are fulfilling their vital role in the world economy, providing service to FedEx customers as the ongoing challenges continue to our daily work environment. We understand your desire that the Company do more regarding safety and sanitization in response to COVID-19. We informed management of the ongoing concern that some corporate communications assert sanitation and supplies are adequate when your experience says otherwise. They were receptive to our concern, and we expect more detailed communications soliciting INSITEs to find and fix the problem areas soon.
As you know by now, we have an internal MEC team dedicated to the Coronavirus PDR category. As your PDRs are answered, the team is categorizing and forwarding information internally or to the Company as appropriate. We often see individual concerns that need time-sensitive attention. The most frequent concerns we are receiving from pilots are the following:
  • no or insufficient cleaning supplies (Sanicom wipes do not meet CDC guidance)
  • no or unclear aircraft sanitization policy, procedures, and documentation
  • unnecessary personnel in the proximity of crew 
  • concerns over procedures regarding positive tests when overseas
  • access to food is becoming more difficult
We have seen and should recognize some positive signs of change responsive to our requests.  The time built for simulator sanitization, recognition of the value in Social Distancing in FCIF 20-0199, and reports of aircraft sanitization occurring at various stations are important. Reviewing your list of concerns above, only the Company can make these changes. We continue to engage management and urge them to find solutions. We have offered our Safety Committee’s participation and they are ready to be involved in ensuring this process is effective.
FedEx pilots can do more for one another as well. Today, we received notice that a third FedEx pilot tested positive for COVID-19, and we have others either awaiting test results or sick awaiting testing. The good news is the Company responded quickly by appropriately removing affected pilots from service (with pay) and ordered the cleaning of the aircraft involved.
We have enough practical experience now to know that there is a lag between signs of illness and test results. Unfortunately, we leave ourselves vulnerable within that timeframe. As we fully acknowledge your right to medical privacy, we would ask that you consider notifying those you have flown or jumpseated with in the last 14 days if you have symptoms of COVID-19. This could be valuable information to others and potentially save lives. It might help keep other crews healthy. We know some of this information sharing is occurring and has been appreciated by those who received it.
We do not operate in a vacuum. Cases continue to grow around the world and create an increasing level of distraction. Fill out PDRs and INSITE Reports as appropriate. Don’t operate the aircraft unless it is safe to do so. Look for signs of illness and call in sick when appropriate.  Continue to look out for one another.
In Unity,

Pete Harmon, MEC Chairman


David Chase, MEC Vice Chairman


Don Loepke, MEC Secretary Treasurer