Vice Chairman's Message - 7/21/20
Vice Chairman's Message - 7/21/20


July 21, 2020
Your FedEx MEC is working very hard to assist with the growing numbers of pilots that have either been diagnosed with COVID-19 or been in close contact with COVID-19. While we have done everything possible to have a firm grasp on these numbers, recent events outside of our control have shown otherwise. We still have two MOUs in place that can help protect your health, your family’s health and your paycheck. We ask that you fill out a PDR and let us know if you have:
  • Been diagnosed with COVID, 
  • Been removed NOQ due to close contact with a COVID positive,  
  • Are under any kind of quarantine, especially if it is away from your home, 
  • Or are experiencing any other COVID related problem. 
We’re faced with a lot of the same decisions from our pre-corona lives — except now, even the most mundane activities have turned into moral dilemmas. Whether it’s trying to decide if you should visit a sick family member, order delivery, take public transit, or take a trip to the grocery store, we now have to think through the potential implications of many of our totally normal, everyday actions and decisions in a way we never had to before, because of how they could affect others. This is called“moral fatigue,” and it’s exhausting. That doesn’t include what is happening at work. Continue to keep an eye out in the cockpit for the extra stress and higher tempo we are operating under. 
We take pride in taking care of each other. Now is definitely the time to step that up. If you see a friend who has SCK or NOQ on their calendar, take an extra second to reach out and make sure they are ok. We are standing by to assist. Thank you for your help and continue to fly safe.
In unity,
Bill Hubbell 
FDX MEC Vice Chairman
Captain David Chase
FDX MEC Vice Chairman