Secretary Treasurer's Message (Positive Rate) - 9/22/20
Secretary Treasurer's Message (Positive Rate) - 9/22/20


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Being Engaged, Prepared, and Ready for Contract 2021 Bargaining
As a 33-year ALPA member and volunteer, it is an honor to serve as Secretary-Treasurer for the pilots of FDX ALPA. I believe FedEx pilots are the most professional, competent, and caring group of aviators in the airline industry. 
As part of your MEC leadership team, I am pleased to report that we are in excellent financial shape as we move toward bargaining in 2021. We have created a financial environment with our budgeting that is the result of us working hard to align the important work of our various volunteers using realistic budgeting while also providing an emphasis on savings. 
It is also important for all of you to be individually prepared financially for the bargaining process. With the current increased flying throughout the system, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity and put a little extra back. 
Being financially prepared is a key aspect in any contract negotiations. 
You have a strong leadership team that brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table. With preparations for contract 2021 ongoing, we have looked at our bargaining history to learn from the mistakes, challenges, and successes of the past. 
It is imperative that we have a unified pilot group behind us. It does not matter how anyone voted for contracts in the past. Moving forward together is the only key to success. We have strong leadership in our MEC representatives and an officer group that is fully prepared and ready to execute the directions that are given. Each of us needs to be prepared not only financially but also from an education standpoint. Read and learn our history on the FDX ALPA website, including the various Red Letters, to understand who we are up against. Watch and listen to the retirement education videos and podcasts and any future videos, podcasts, and emails we send. With a unified pilot group all saying, “My negotiating team speaks for me,” we will deliver the improvements to our contract that we have earned. Make no mistake, management will attempt to shake our resolve and trust in our ALPA team. It is coming like it does during every round of bargaining. Look at the history, the playbook is always the same. 
This pilot group has proven time and again that we are up to the task. During the events of this year, FDX ALPA pilots have made extraordinary efforts and sacrifices to provide outstanding performance for the FedEx Corporation. We have earned and deserve the right to be rewarded in the long term. 
Thanks for staying engaged and take care of one another out there.

Don Loepke, MEC Secretary Treasurer

If the above is incorrect, please submit a PDR to the Communications Committee*.
This group is made up of both Company personnel and ALPA members and meets weekly to discuss all relevant information and try to solve issues and concerns. Many of your COVID-related PDRs are discussed during these meetings in an effort to reach solutions. Recent topics have included:
  • Mental stress on crew force
  • Quarantine restrictions in various international locations including ICN, KIX, NRT and DXB and how they appear to differ from other airline crews
  • Rest facilities during CAN turns
  • Continuation of laundry expense reimbursement during APAC travel
  • Home COVID testing - especially for the FDAs
  • HNL quarantine exemptions
While ALPA and the Company jointly discuss these topics, almost always, the power to effect change remains with the Company.
FCIF 20-0358 in April gave details on the Everbridge monitoring system for COVID symptoms.  It’s worth re-reading and understanding that if you respond in the affirmative to any symptoms on Everbridge, even if you are 100% sure they are not COVID related (allergies, for example, causing a cough), you should expect to be put in NOQ status and have to go through Harvey Watt and the PAC before returning to work.
The COVID Safety Working group is adamantly aware of the continuing stress placed on our crews these days. We’re in the middle of the longest stretch in daily “peak type” volumes with an incredible amount of revisions and extensions to many trips. The quarantines placed on many layovers are not allowing the normal “reset” and stress release that typically provide the necessary balance between duty and rest. Add family issues, fatigue, a political election, and a hot summer and the work environment really becomes difficult. Be cognizant and prudent on how you choose to unwind during this time. The Pilot Assistance Team Hotline has received a 75 percent increase in contacts and is always available to you.
  • Masks: The Company reiterated mask policy in FCIF 20-0664 – the policy is very specific. Regardless of how you may personally feel about mask-wearing, please help your crew members out and adhere to the corporate policy. When in doubt, wear a mask.
  • Professional Standards: The difficult work environment can lead to some tense situations between crew members. Prior to trying to resolve issues with fellow crew members through Flight Management, we urge you, whenever possible, to consider contacting ProStans first. The issue can usually be resolved in a quicker and satisfactory fashion without unnecessary management involvement. We are all on the same team here.
  • Layovers and quarantine: As previously mentioned, the ALPA COVID team continues to receive PDRs concerning FedEx crews being restricted to hotel or room quarantine while crews from other air carriers appear not to be. We have inquired about this with specific examples multiple times with the Company and will continue to do so. They have told us that they are not imposing any extra restrictions on crews but are following the strict rules some countries are imposing regardless of what other carriers are doing. Furthermore, they have told us that they would like to return layovers to normal status as soon as allowed. We will continue to press them on the differences and inquire about any possible relief that can be gained.
  • Fatigue: The various country quarantine rules have made fatigue a bigger issue during this challenging time. Hub turns with limited ability to effectively rest, multiple revisions, and longer than normal waits at the beginning of duty periods are just a few of the factors impacting your readiness. Fatigue reports are seen by both the Company and ALPA reps within the FRMG and provide the best concrete data to attempt schedule fixes. Talking to the Duty Officer or completing an INSITE and PDR is excellent but please follow up with a fatigue report. Even if you don’t actually call in fatigued, you can always fill out an information-only fatigue report.
Our ALPA COVID team has reviewed several PDRs from pilots with concerns over improper pay protection when deemed COVID-19 positive/symptomatic/close contact. The Medical MOU provides the contractual language, please contact us with any questions. The Company's Positive, Symptom and Close Contacts letters can be found on PFC. If you have concerns, please submit a PDR.
We recently were made aware of a pilot on a layover in the States who sat on a park bench to rest after jogging and received a citation with court case by local police for not wearing a mask. Please be sure to continually review all local rules and Company FCIFs during this ever-changing time.
There have been cases where international ramps have tried to offer a COVID-19 test to pilots with the idea of facilitating their debarkation. The ONLY current location that requires a COVID-19 test is processing into HKG. If you are asked to test anywhere, it’s recommended you contact the Duty Officer to confirm the current requirements.
“There I was, checking Open Time when a truly sweet XTRA pairing drops in. Double-deadhead to a city where I can escape the hotel? Max pay for Min block hours? Daytime? I think I’ll take that one!”
While we are just as eager as the next guy to scoop up a “good deal” trip, please always remember that whenever you see an XTRA pairing, you should use XTRA caution when operating it. Said XTRA pairing has NOT gone through the PSIT/SIG vetting process and has NOT been in a bid-pack which has been scoured for CBA compliance, FAA legality, and fatigue management, etc. While the Company planners do their absolute best to comply with all the above, there is absolutely no multiple-level screening of what is built. They depend on you, the pilots operating that trip, to double-check their work. 
Also, be cognizant of the differences in CBA treatment of an XTRA pairing, especially when it is awarded via Draft, Volunteer, or Makeup. Think that XTRA pairing will survive to the end in its “original, non-revised” version? Maybe yes, maybe no--Caveat Emptor.    
So whenever you see the opportunity to make XTRA dollars, always remember that YOU are the last line in the safety chain, the only one who can prevent the “Swiss cheese holes” of an accident from lining up. Please continue to Fly Safe, Be Safe.
As previously communicated, this resource on the home page of PFC contains critical, regularly updated information on both international and domestic flying. Note that U.S. locations such as HNL and ANC with pertinent CIQ can be found under the United States section. In addition, the General Resources tab has a recent update with three useful “What If” letters for pilots that have been exposed to COVID by close contact to others, symptoms, or test positive. 
The ALPA FDX Community Outreach committee, in a “normal” year, acts to liaise between our generous pilot group and regional charities. Normally, throughout the year we would be actively supporting FedEx Family House ( and Hope House Memphis (
FedEx Family House is the “home away from home” which provides free stays for families while a child is being treated at Le Bonheur Hospital.  It is FedEx Family House for which ALPA volunteers collect toys at Memphis Zoo Lights each December and then transports them to FedEx Family House.  Parents are then able to “shop” for free — choosing up to 3 gifts for each child in their family when holiday shopping would be impossible for them, otherwise. Last year, we celebrated a record number of donations! The FedEx generosity was something to behold.
Hope House Memphis provides supportive social services to children and individuals affected by HIV and poverty. Each holiday season pilot volunteers carry gifts for the children of Hope House and spend a morning reading books.  You won’t see many pictures of our ALPA volunteers visiting Hope House and interacting with the preschoolers—there is a reason for that: many of those with this diagnosis live with it non-disclosed and confidentially. Therefore, most of our efforts must remain “behind the scenes” and unadvertised.
When I took office in December, 2019, I was ready to spearhead a Community Outreach/Hope House Memphis clothing drive, begin a fundraising campaign in order to supply a chest freezer, and investigate options to regularly supply Hope House with ground beef to give to the families in need. Unfortunately, the pandemic made these goals unreachable at that time. In addition, Community Outreach was in the beginning stages of coordinating FedEx Pilots’ Charitable Fund sponsored dinner nights at FedEx Family House. That, too, has been postponed indefinitely.
Until we are able to move forward and “out” of this COVID-charged existence, most of the Community Outreach endeavors are sidelined due to social distancing guidelines. However, there is an ongoing way for us all to contribute RIGHT NOW. The FedEx Pilots’ Charitable Fund, a 501(c)3, makes our charitable endeavors possible and no donation is too small. Just think of the $5 tip we surrender each day of a trip. If each pilot committed to donating $10/month, we could make such a financial difference in our charities! Please click the link or snap the QR code below to The FedEx Pilots’ Charitable Fund website.  You’ll see a yellow “DONATE” button on the home page that will take you right to Paypal to set up your recurring, or one-time, donation. It takes seconds!!
As the economy attempts to find a new “normal,” I am hopeful the Community Outreach committee can return to strategically helping coordinate the efforts and volunteers of our generous pilot group. Please consider asking your crewmembers to read this message...and, more importantly, donate to The FedEx Pilot’s Charitable Fund. Community Outreach is committed to connecting our fortunate, and gracious, pilot community to those in our surrounding communities who are less fortunate and in need.
Thank you for your consideration and assistance. 
Tracy Toth
FDX MEC Community Outreach Chairman
As you know, we established the Pilot Assistance Team Hotline (PATH) as a source of support for pilots during difficult times, whether the pilot needs physiological, psychological, or medical assistance. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a new level of added stress, uncertainty, and constant changes in the way we live and perform our duties as pilots. While there are many things we can't control, there continue to be things within our control. The attached article provides insight into ways to maximize the control you do have and how to find freedom in choice. It is our hope that you will read this article, share it with your friends and family, and allow yourself time to focus on the things within your control. As always, our PATH pilot peers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to help fellow pilots get the resources they need. We can be reached at 901-752-8749 or 866-FDX-ALPA.
Each FFDO must have completed two Firearm Requalification Events during the calendar year 2020 to remain on active status. These two events must be completed by 31 December. Please review your dashboard messages and FCIF FD-0065 for more information.  
IMPORTANT: Please recall that you must complete the Online Firearms Requalification Training within 30 days of and PRIOR to your scheduled Firearm Requalification. To complete this training, FFDOs must first have a Firearms Requalification event scheduled, ensure they are within 30 days of that training event, then take and certify the Online Training via the Dashboard. Several FFDOs have been turned away from their requalification event due to incomplete online training. There have also been reports of some ranges requiring the training to be completed at least 24 hours prior to their event (this is not a TSA requirement). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that FFDOs complete their online training several days before their requalification event to avoid being turned away. The TSOC can be reached at (866) 883-8533 for additional questions. If you completed online training and your requalification instructor does not have confirmation, call the TSOC.
On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, four members of the ALPA Membership Committee had the pleasure of meeting and greeting our latest class of new hires. This is the largest class of 2020! We had 36 new hires in this class. They were assigned as MEM FOs on the 757, 767, 777 and MD11. 
Pilots came from American, Delta, Southwest, United, Atlas, Kalitta, Air Wisconsin, Endeavor, PSA, Envoy Air, NetJets, FlexJet, and  Corporate Aviation. Many also continue to serve USAF, USMC, and US Navy, US Army and the Air National Guard. 
Please join me in welcoming our newest FedEx pilots:
Zachary J. L. McNeill, Zack A. Glaser, Matthew J. Cooley, Daniel R. Jones, Marcus A. Stockwell, Matthew A. Slabaugh, Brian K. Bell, Jeffrey D. Dupuis, Travis R. Miller, Cole M. Merrick, John W. Lynch, Douglas M. Carlson, Christopher J. Ulish, Kevin A. Campbell, Joshua A. Heinze, Jordan L. Meredith, Christopher N. Hayter, Justin P. Moore, Joshua R. Knight, Defrance D. McLemore, David H. Marten, Joseph W. Chasser, Daniel J. Herr, Paul W. Tibbets, Christopher M. Medeiros, David W. West, Harmon S. Lewis Jr., Ryan C. Cengeri, William P. Anderson, Philip C. Patrick, Steven M. Ton, Mark H. Sadler, Conner T. Kincaid, William P. Van Dalsem, Julian L. Pacheco and Heather R. Kelly 
The new caboose is seniority number 5094.
First Officer Chris Tansey
FDX Membership Chairman
The FDX MEC and R&I Committee would like to congratulate the following ALPA members who retired in July and thank them for their years of participation in the Association.
Captain Sara Wastvedt
Captain Brad Thompson
Captain Isaias Arriaga
Captain Keith Gauthier
Captain Bradford King
Captain Margaret Thomas
Captain Todd Travis
Captain Keith Earley
Captain Michael Price
Captain Ronald Williams
Captain Timothy Healy
Captain Jim Staley
First Officer James Muir
First Officer Charles Hildebrant
Total Retirements for January through July were 69, of whom, 65 were ALPA members.
There appears to be a problem with FedEx pilots not being able to get access to the cockpit on Southwest through CASS. We’re trying to determine the technical problem, but it appears to be on the FedEx side. Cabin seats are still available if there is space. Please plan accordingly. We will let you know when the problem has been resolved. If you encounter this problem, please submit a PDR to the Jumpseat Committee so we can continue to gather data.
We currently have two committees with openings in the chairman position. 
Dangerous Goods Committee Chairman Captain Scott Schwartz is stepping down as the chairman but will remain on the committee. Scott has led this committee for many years and the work he's done on our behalf is to be commended. Please join us in thanking him for his many years of work on our behalf. First Officer Dave Schlichting will serve as interim chairman of the Dangerous Goods Committee. 

Captain Eileen Weingram has decided to step down as the Pillot Assistance chairperson position. As such, we are seeking pilots interested in serving as the Pilot Assistance Chairman. Please join us in thanking Eileen for her years of work on behalf of our pilots. 

Any pilot interested in filling either of these positions should contact MEC Secretary Treasurer First Officer Don Loepke at


041217_jumpseatpr.pngEach day presents new challenges for our work environment, our families and our country. As we continue to adapt to this unprecedented situation, we ask that you continue submitting PDRs and communicate the situations and conditions you continue to endure while flying the line. 

As of today, we are aware of 104 FedEx pilots who have tested positive for COVID-19.

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