Chairman's Message - 10/5/20
Chairman's Message - 10/5/20


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Fellow pilots,

Thank you to everyone that took the time to complete the negotiations survey. Over the next few weeks, the Negotiating Committee will prepare the results for a briefing to your MEC representatives. Currently, there are no table positions for bargaining. This survey will be used in conjunction with committee, staff, and direct communications with your representatives to assist in creating the opening positions for Contract 2021. There will be additional surveys throughout bargaining.  

The amendable date for our current contract is November 2021 with the earliest opportunity to open being May 2021. The MEC and Negotiating Committee will need your support as we progress towards bargaining. Answer the call. Demonstrate your willingness to support your Negotiating Committee and one another. The survey was an important first step and there will be more.  

In Unity,
David Chase,  MEC Chairman