Chairman's Message - 10/19/20
Chairman's Message - 10/19/20


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Fellow pilots,
The MEC met from October 13-16 and will remain in session until the end of the ALPA Board of Director’s meeting on October 21. The daily summaries and MEC resolutions are available here. Along with their responsibilities as members of ALPA’s Board of Directors, your representatives will elect an Executive Vice President on October 21, prior to adjourning the meeting.  

Technology and Communications:
Thank you to everyone that joined the MEC Officers and Negotiating Committee Chairman Pat May for our live stream Joint Council Brief on October 14. Along with videos, podcasts, and online PUB events, we will continue our efforts to find ways to provide access to your union leadership. Participation and engagement are critical to a strong union, so we are very thankful for the effort of the many who attended and submitted questions.
With over 5,600 PDRs in the last 19 months, we know online data reporting is already an established and valuable tool. Please look for communications related to the movement from PDR to DART (Data Action ReporT). We believe we can create an even better user experience on mobile platforms with DART, and we have a number of communications related to the changeover in the weeks ahead.
Bargaining Preparations:
The MEC received detailed briefings on the survey and the economic environment from ALPA’s Economic & Financial Analysis department. While global GDP is expected to decline 4.4% for 2020 according to the IMF, our business has benefitted from an accelerated shift to e-commerce (up 44% in the 2nd quarter of 2020 according to the Census Bureau) and the lack of belly capacity on passenger aircraft. All of the sort delays, trip revisions, and extra pairings undertaken by FedEx pilots helped to create a $1.655 billion dollar adjusted pre-tax profit in Q1 of Fiscal Year 2021.
As for the survey, FedEx pilots expect these positive financial results to lead to focused improvements in pay and retirement without prolonging negotiations around a PBS system we DO NOT want. The Negotiating Committee has not yet fully evaluated the free-text responses in the survey, but those will be used to assist the MEC as they prepare to create bargaining goals early next year. In case you hear otherwise, table positions have not been created on any bargaining topic.
The next survey will likely take place in late winter to early spring as a phone survey. If you would like to communicate other ideas, please contact your Block Rep.
Community Outreach
Each year, we provide assistance to the Hope House and FedExFamilyHouse through the FedEx Pilots’ Charitable Fund. This year, we are unable to hold the Zoo Lights event or our site visits to deliver toys and gifts due to COVID-19. The MEC did pass resolution 20-15 to allow a portion of the funds budgeted for the event to continue our annual giving.
Even if you have never lived in Memphis (like me), you should understand that our reputation and service to the communities where we have crew bases is important. People will take far greater notice of our concerns related to safety, fatigue, or bargaining if we are a well-respected and essential part of the fabric of the communities where we work and live. Please use the link or QR Code to support the FedEx Pilots’ Charitable Fund. 
This is OUR union and OUR future.
Failing to participate shows a willingness to participate in failure! There are several opportunities coming up to run for Block Rep, and we always need additional volunteers in various committees. Otherwise, please take the opportunity to participate in events, surveys, and demonstrations of unity. Thanks to the many of you that always do.

In Unity,
David Chase,  MEC Chairman