FDX MEC FastRead - 1/1/21
FDX MEC FastRead - 1/1/21


FDX MEC FastRead: Happy New Year - 1/1/21
Happy New Year!
Next year holds the potential to be the greatest in history for FedEx pilots as we bargain for Contract 2021. That greatness will be defined by our ability to work together to achieve a successful contract worthy of our tireless efforts as a pilot group. While relying on our company to have a profitable business model is essential, we strongly believe what makes this a rewarding career is the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We will never forget the challenges of 2020, but let’s close out the year with a focus on success in 2021. 
Over the next several months, we will finalize our preparations and begin bargaining Contract 2021 in Section 6 negotiations. The MEC will meet in January to establish the Contract 2021 negotiating priorities and provide direction to the Negotiating Committee on opener preparations. Those openers will be finalized at the April MEC meeting, and bargaining will begin in May. Surveys have made clear that pilots favor a focused negotiation with improvements to pay and retirement and  no move to a PBS system.
We need each of you to be informed, engaged, and ready to participate. E-mails, Pilot-to-Pilot, videos, meetings, and events have all been used effectively for a long time. We will continue with those but now have the virtual PUB meetings, DART, and podcasts as additional communications tools we are already using. We will have educational information on the Railway Labor Act and negotiations to assist you in understanding the process and a contract comparison guide to see how we compare to our peers. Our pilot history, which includes our bargaining history, is already on our website and is a valuable read as we enter and continue in negotiations. Not to be forgotten, our MEC established a mentorship program for our newest members as they arrive. By sticking to these legitimate communication tools, we can better negotiate with management and not undermine our own effort. Management monitors the forums and social media. Unfortunately, we have the discipline cases to prove it.
As we prepare, it is essential to understand that there are two sides at the table. We work for an extremely profitable company, and our contract should reflect our contribution to the company’s success. Our Collective Bargaining Agreement becomes part of the business plan for the corporation, and they will seek to minimize cost and increase their own flexibility. Remember the following when we are inevitably tempted towards distraction during bargaining: 
  • ALPA wants collective improvements for the pilots. 
  • Management wants you to do more work for less pay and benefits. 
  • There are only two sides.
FedEx pilots continue to deliver, even in the midst of a global pandemic. As we look ahead, our strength at the bargaining table will be driven by our solidarity. With an informed and engaged pilot group, we can negotiate an agreement that meets our collective goals. It is our union and our future. We look forward to getting there together in 2021.
In Unity,

David Chase, MEC Chairman


Bill Hubbell, MEC Vice Chairman


Don Loepke, MEC Secretary Treasurer