Council 24 Message - 6/30/21
Council 24 Message - 6/30/21


FDX MEC Council 24 Message - 6/30/21
June 30, 2021
Fellow pilots,
Andy, Troy and I would like to welcome you to Local Executive Council (LEC) 24, FedEx ALPA OAK/SFO Base. We are now officially up and running as of June 10th. Currently, we have 86 out of the projected 144 pilots activated in base, with approximately six crews activating monthly. 
First things first; We work for you! You have entrusted us to represent you! We pledge our very best. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything.
Base Issues: Parking, airport shuttle, sleep rooms, and crew facilities are problematic, and the Company needs to step-up and make improvements now, not in 5 years. Troy Holland will be working with me and our MEC officers to engage the Company to get improvements now.
DARTs and INSITEs: We need your help! These reports provide the needed data to fuel change. If it doesn’t get reported, it never happened. If you don’t like the response you get, we want to know about it.
Asia Flying: Many of us have never flown International or it’s been several years. Add COVID CIQ procedures and it can be a lot to wrap your arms around. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop-shopping. Some excellent resources:
  • QRH Norm 1.31. China RVSM Flight levels
  • APAC Guide App for iPad. This is an awesome, unofficial resource put together by one of our HKG pilots ($6). Well worth it.
  • Duty Officer: +1-877-358-3889 or +1-901-397-8214 
Don’t hesitate to call them. That’s what they are there for, 24/7. You can always claim calls on your expense report. 
Pilot Wellness: You and your family’s health and wellness are priority one! Take care of yourself and have each other’s backs. If you need help, PATH is an excellent resource.
Mentoring: Almost one-third of our FOs in base are new hires. They will need our help with bidding, deviating, expense reports and a myriad of other details for stuff that just isn’t written down anywhere. Having a small base is awesome, but it limits exposure, and we need to ask questions and offer ourselves as a resource.
Upcoming: Expect an OAK online survey on scheduling and base specifics. We also are planning an online PUB event.
I ran for this position because I believed we have honest, ethical and competent officers and leadership on the MEC and in our committees. Real change is rarely fast. I ask for your patience, and that you join me in supporting them to accomplish our goals at the negotiating table. Stay engaged and update your contact information with if needed. Read FastRead e-mails and listen to our podcasts.
Capt. Barry Rutberg
Council 24 Chairman
Block 15 Status Rep
Capt. Troy Holland
Council 24 Vice Chairman
Captain Andy Snow
Council 24 Secretary Treasurer