Council 24 Message - 7/14/21
Council 24 Message - 7/14/21



July 14, 2021

Heading over to Asia and don’t have a clue? You’re not alone. In addition to the resources below, a bunch of our fellow HKG, LAX and ANC guys have volunteered to answer all your questions. How to deviate? Where to get laundry done? What STAR can I expect going into CAN? Should I order the shrimp tempura in Singapore? Where do I get a beverage? You got questions; they’ve got answers! While we wouldn’t publish their contact info for the world to see, I’ll be happy to send you their contacts via email. A better way is to utilize the SIGNAL messaging app (also available for Android) where we are setting up group a chat.

  • QRH Norm 1.31. China RVSM Flight Levels
  • APAC Guide App for iPad. This is an awesome, unofficial resource put together by one of our HKG pilots ($6 and well worth it)
  • Duty Officer: +1-877-358-3889 or +1-901-397-8214 Don’t hesitate to call them. That’s what they are there for, 24/7. You can always claim calls on your expense report. 
  • Signal Intl Ops Group Chat
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