Vice Chairman's Message - 9/19/17
Vice Chairman's Message - 9/19/17


Retired FedEx pilot, Vietnam Veteran and 6.5 year POW Captain Joe Crecca is involved in a project to restore a B-52 to be placed at the Vietnam Veterans Air War Memorial Park. Joe asked us to share this with our pilots in hopes of raising much-needed funds for this project. Please take a few moments to read more about this effort and how you can become part of history. From Joe:

In 2015, I became a member of a veterans committee to rescue a Boeing B-52 from a lonely and ignominious existence at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Our committed goal was to bring this strategic bomber to Boeing Field and place it in a permanent and eminently more dignified final resting place befitting its enduring service especially its final role in the Vietnam Air War. The bomber will be joined by a 9-foot bronze statue of an aviator returning from a mission to honor all veterans of the Vietnam War from all military branches. No other memorial air park will be like this one anywhere in the world. There will be no charge for admission.

Built in 1959, B-52G number 59-2584 flew several missions in Operation Linebacker II in December 1972. This was the final chapter that brought America's role in the war in Southeast Asia to an honorable end resulting in the repatriation of all our Prisoners-Of-War in early 1973.

This iconic aircraft will be reconditioned and repainted. When completed, it will be disassembled and transported to its new and final home at the Museum of Flight in The Vietnam Air War Memorial Park. This prodigious undertaking will be completed in 2018 and will cost an estimated $2.2 million dollars.

This "BUFF" also known as "The Midnight Express" will be the centerpiece of The Vietnam Air War Memorial Park where visitors may come to sit and contemplate. They will reflect upon the sacrifices made by airmen and support personnel from all services who contributed to missions all over Southeast Asia. This memorial acknowledges all the types of aircraft; fixed wing and helicopters, from land and aircraft carriers. Many were shot down and lost their lives or were captured. The soul of this park never forgets the thousands of aircraft and aviators that were lost in the Vietnam Air War.

Below are web links, which I invite you to visit, and, if you see fit, to donate however much you are able, to this worthy cause. This memorial is a tribute to all who served in Vietnam. Thank you in advance for your contribution. Please pass this along to your friends and ask them to do likewise. [Info about the Vietnam Air War Memorial Park] [Donation page]

Many thanks in advance for your generous support!

Joe Crecca
POW, North Vietnam

Fly Safe,

Captain John Cardaci
FedEx MEC Vice Chairman

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