From the Negotiating Committee (Section 24) - 11/17/17
From the Negotiating Committee (Section 24) - 11/17/17


November 17, 2017

As you are aware, the Company published a System Bid for 10 vacancies in the HKG B767 Captain crew position. Recently the Company approached the Negotiating Committee and expressed an immediate need to increase the number of Captains in HKG. They informed us that the programming is not yet available for a fully automated bid under the new Section 24. Merely applying the entire 2011 CBA Section 24, while easy and known, was not an option ALPA considered as a solution. The membership has expressed to us the need to comply with the items implemented in the new CBA and their frustration with the lack of any posting, which would allow for movement to other crew positions. The Company also recognized those issues and was cooperative in finding a temporary solution that alleviated our concerns.

The agreement ultimately reached can be found here. A few highlights:

  1. The Company published the Minimum, Current, and Maximum Staffing Levels posted for every crew position as described in the new Section 24.
  2. Bidding for training dates, as required in the new Section 24, will also be accomplished through a manual process via email or telephonically.  
  3. Until the next System Bid, any individuals receiving new employment offer letters will be hired into the 57FM crew position only.
  4. The Crew Status freeze and related terms of the 2011 CBA Section 24.E.3. will apply to any pilot denied an award due to regulated age, providing them the ability to obtain regulated age passover pay. The Company maintains the authority to determine if they will train or bypass those pilots under the old and new Sec 24 provision.
  5. The new Section 24 provides for a “zeroing out” of all down/lateral bid awards (DLBA) to all pilots with the first new Section 24 implementation. That will not occur on this System Bid to prevent the cumulative effect that would have otherwise occurred with the next projected System Bid in Feb/Mar 2018.
  6. Processing of awards will be accomplished as described in the new Section 24, though with the standing bid inputs limited to 10-percentile increments rather than the 5-percentile increments due to current VIPS input programming limits.

As you may have noticed in the FCIF, the Company included information regarding a projected bid in Feb/Mar 2018. Additionally, they communicated their intent to “split” the MEM B757 and MEM B767 bid packs and withdraw B757 flying from the IND bid pack.  This is not to occur until later in 2018 but the Company wanted to provide pilots a more complete picture while you consider your bidding options. With regard to the “split” bid pack and new Sec 24, we will be working with Company representatives in the coming months to ensure the transition is smooth and that contractual requirements are met.


Captain Patrick May
Negotiating Committee Chairman

Captain Jim Plover
Negotiating Committee

Captain Mike Weskalnies
Negotiating Committee

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