Happy Thanksgiving - 11/21/18
Happy Thanksgiving - 11/21/18


Fellow Crewmembers,
P eak has arrived, and busy flight schedules are likely to conflict with busy home lives. A strong economy, e-commerce growth, and unprecedented turnover from retirees to new hires make this year even more noteworthy. At a time to give thanks, we certainly have reasons to be thankful. As the MEC Officers, we would include thanks to the ALPA staff and volunteers who work on our behalf. For those unaware, we would like to inform you of some of their recent activities and how they positively impact our lives.
  • Pilots’ Stabilized Pension Plan: The Negotiating Committee has begun bargaining with FedEx. This multiyear effort has seen unprecedented identification and use of industry expertise along with incredible efforts toward pilot education. Please visit fdx.alpa.org to familiarize yourself with past education efforts. Look for additional hub turn meetings, articles, and more as bargaining continues.
  • Resolution to HSA Administrative Investment Fees: These fees are paid as a percentage of assets, so resolving this issue such that the company pays these fees going forward is increasingly advantageous to pilots with growing HSA balances.
  • Lowering FDX MEC LTD Plan Prices and Open Enrollment: Plan pricing was causing pilots to leave the plan, jeopardizing its future for those who remained. By reworking the plan pricing structure, the R&I Committee and staff were able to protect this valuable plan for the future. The open enrollment allows those who left the plan an opportunity to reenter under the new pricing without evidence of insurability.
  • FAA Reauthorization: Admittedly, it can be difficult to determine the impact of lobbying efforts. It gets easier to determine when all of the issues you want are included while those you don’t are excluded (read more). 
  • Insider Threats to Aviation Safety: Captain Secord leveraged relationships on Capitol Hill to get ALPA a seat at the Insider Threat hearing for ALPA President Tim Canoll. Jumpseat and Security Committee members briefed Captain Canoll to prepare his testimony on specific threats to all cargo operations.
  • Quality of Life Initiative: These Committees have fixed pairings you thankfully never flew, worked to improve hotels and hub rest facilities, and successfully gained access to more rest opportunities for pilots during peak by getting the corporation to provide hotels during hub turns for turns as short as 3:45 rather than the contractual four-hour turn. 
  • Insite@alpa.org and FatigueReport@alpa.org: As a service organization, increased effort has been placed on reacting to your reports. If you fill out an Insite or Fatigue report, please send the report to these addresses as well. As always, you do not need to call in fatigued to do a fatigue report.
OTHER COMMITTEES SUCH AS Pilot Assistance, Professional Standards, PATH, Aeromedical, Pilot Benefit Review Board, and HIMS provided discreet services to pilots who needed their assistance. The Membership Committee conducted new-hire briefings and launched a new mentorship program. Our Grievance Committee and Contract Enforcement staff fought for outcomes that greatly benefited our pilots, and in some cases actually saved careers. As you can see, the list is too long to list them all. Please know that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of our tireless volunteers. Please join us in thanking them for their efforts.