MEC Officer Joint Message - 4/8/19
MEC Officer Joint Message - 4/8/19


April 5, 2019
Fellow pilots, 
As FedEx pilots, we fly the most demanding airline schedule night and day all over the world. Our expertise and level of dedication in the most complex of situations routinely makes for successful outcomes and we deliver reliability to the brand our company now enjoys. While management has at times expressed appreciation of our efforts, some view pilots as little more than a cost-center to be controlled with little regard to the effects on our health or quality of life. The most effective means we have to push back against corporate overreach is through effective collective bargaining and representation by the Air Line Pilots Association. When and where we can be involved and effect positive change, we will engage. When there is overreach and encroachment that impacts our safety, health, or contractual rights, we will all stand firm. FedEx pilots are the best in the world and we are honored to have the opportunity to serve you as FedEx ALPA MEC Officers. We begin our term extending you an invitation to participate as a volunteer and hope to hear from you at hub turn and joint council meetings. 
Thank you
We would like to thank former MEC Chairman Captain John Cardaci and former Secretary Treasurer Captain Don Ray for their outstanding service. Each of them deserves our heartfelt thanks and praise for their tireless efforts. John and Don provided an outstanding turnover for the new officers as we transitioned roles. When you fly with these gentlemen, please remember to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice. We are all better off for their efforts.
Work Continues
Despite some changes in leadership, the work of your union continues. The MEC, MEC comittees, and staff are dedicated to the goal of serving the needs of the members. The Quality of Life Initiative is being enhanced by the recently released Pilot Data Report. Next week will be the Spring MEC meeting along with the Joint Council meeting on April 10th at Germantown Center followed immediately by three local council meetings. Please participate!
Information focus
Our goal is to allow each of you a voice in your future and access to the information about current events. Along with the PDR, we are rebuilding the P2P Committee prior to bargaining so that more information can be shared in both directions. In that regard, we have already visited HKG and CGN to hear directly from the pilots. All of the committees have been encouraged to update informational articles important to their subject matter, and mentors are being trained to work with new hires as they transition to life at FedEx.
PSPP and the road to Contract 2021
The latest on the Pilots’ Stabilized Pension Plan (PSPP) is essentially unchanged. We await a response from the corporation about their desire to proceed. Since our proposal, the actuaries from both sides have had the opportunity for information sharing that we expect is near completion. Obviously, the company’s decision and the outcome of any potential bargaining will have a significant effect on the bargaining landscape entering Contract 2021. We will provide more information as it becomes available. If you have not availed yourself of the FAQs, letters and videos that explain the concept of this defined benefit plan, please visit the website dedicated specifically to this topic.
We hope to see you at the Joint Council meeting and at upcoming hub turn meetings. For those working or based outside of Memphis, we look forward to meeting you in the weeks and months ahead.
Capt. Pete Harmon
Capt. Dave Chase
F/O Don Loepke